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What I do

I am a software engineer, and I've been working with:

Mobile App Development

I started my career as an iOS developer, and later on I also learned to develop Android apps.

Back-end Development

This is where I am most experienced and comfortable working with. I like to develop APIs using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL stack.

Front-end Development

Whilst not my strongest, I do have some experience with front-end development, plain HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a bit further with React.js

About Me

This is what I have been doing over the years.

  • October 2014

    Developer at eduK

    Started working at eduK, the largest on-line education company in Latin America.
    Initially developed both iOS and Android apps, but later was also assigned to help developing back-end applications. Learned Ruby on Rails and SQL.
    Later on, also started working on front-end applications with React.js.

  • December 2013

    Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

    After six years, receives the undergraduate degree.
    Develops, for the Graduation project, an Automated Storage and Retrieval System model for libraries. It comprises a functional transelevator scale model, its circuitry and control systems and a web interface for books and reservations management.

  • August 2013

    Internship at oLokal

    Hired as an intern at oLokal, a startup company that connects customers to nearby shops and stores, allowing urgent purchases to be made in no time. Also starts learning and developing native Android applications.

  • March 2013

    Internship at the Control Lab

    Engages on a three month internship at UIUC's Control Systems Laboratory.
    Main activities include designing printed circuit boards, assembling circuits and developing scripts and applications for embedded Linux systems running on BeagleboneBlack devices.

  • August 2012

    Engineering Exchange Program

    Selected for a year-long engineering exchange program in the United States at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    Focuses on courses related to digital signal processing, control and mechatronics.

  • January 2012

    Scientific initiation

    Works as a scientific initiation student at the Departamento de Mecatrônica.
    Learns Objective-C and iOS development. Creates a couple of apps for the University.

  • February 2008

    Enter the academic world

    Begins studies in Electrical Engineering at Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo.
    First contact with programming languages, beginning with C and Python.
    Starts tinkering with embedded systems such as Arduino and PIC microcontrollers.


What I've been building


iOS app


Website and APIs


Barcodes made easy


Pager view with tabs for iOS


A swifty client for Thumbor


Internet speed test every hour

Contact me

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